The mobile market is a rather complex system involving operators, on the one hand, consumers on the other, and regulators on the third. This article will provide a comparative analysis of popular American mobile operators – Mint mobile vs Tello.

What about American mobile connection?

Everyone chooses an operator according to their personal criteria and preferences. Someone needs calls more, someone – the Internet. But, as practice shows, the most important factor is high-speed Internet.

You can easily choose and draw up an agreement for the use of the services of a mobile operator in the United States via the Internet or in communication salons. When concluding a contract online, free delivery of the phone, SIM card, as well as the entire package of services is often provided. Shipping in America is fast and only takes a few days (usually 3-5), for an additional charge, you can arrange expedited shipping of 1-2 business days. The Internet offers often turn out to be much more profitable than in communication salons.

USA virtual mobile operators

In addition to 4 full-fledged operators in America, there are about a hundred virtual ones. This is new in the industry, so you may not have met one yet. Such companies operate on the basis of full-fledged cellular operators, leasing their capacities. They do not have their own infrastructure, they may not even have an office near you. Such organizations are called MVNO – Mobile Virtual Network Operators. Typically, their services are cheaper than a full-fledged cellular provider.

Mint mobile vs Tello: what to choose?

Mint Mobile and Tello are now very popular with those looking to cut their monthly cell phone bills down to size. Simply put, they are both very cheap, but which is better? They are actually completely different and should be addressed to a specific type of user.

If you’re in a tight spot or are just doing a little research before making a purchase, we’ll take a look at what we think are each carrier’s top-selling points below, as well as how they stack up against important criteria. Both operators actively use cheap mobile plans and prepaid shopper plans, so we are definitely fans of each.

Tello is an affordable wireless operator that leverages Sprint’s network to provide customers with fast, reliable calls, text, and 4G LTE data across the United States.

Tello recently established itself as one of the most attractive telecom operators in the US, and while it provides many interesting features, your phone service is not actually provided by Tello itself. Instead, the carrier uses Sprint Towers to deliver services across the country.

There are also such alternatives:

  • Tariff plan for children (7$ per month)
  • Ideal for teens (19$ per month)
  • Tariff plan for people of retirement age (9$ per month)

Mint Mobile is a wireless service provider that uses another company’s infrastructure. The operator builds on the nationwide T-Mobile network, which is only being strengthened by Sprint’s recent merger. The mobile operator offers special monthly internet packages. They can be inserted not only into tablets but also into phones, modems. Mint Mobile does not have such an extensive network, but many subscribers use the services of this company because of the loyal prices.

Mint Mobile is prepaid for your mobile service. The company offers plans for 3, 6, and 12 months. Whichever length you choose, you can choose from 3 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB, or unlimited data (which decreases after 35 GB) per month. New customers can sign up for a special introductory plan that gives you three months of service at a lower 12-month price.