Stay in touch with the people who matter to you, even if they are far away. Communicate in the virtual space using virtual board meeting software – anytime, anywhere in the world.

The Virtual Board Meeting Software to Improve the Communications in Your Meeting

According to Globe Newswire, the number of video meetings increased by 48% before the start of the pandemic. Now, thanks to social distancing and remote work, they have become commonplace. And there is no reason to believe that they will cease to be commonplace in the near future.

The question is, how can you succeed in this brave new world of virtual meetings? It’s really simple: you create a video conferencing room for yourself and/or your team. Make your digital meeting space your own by adding logos and customizing color schemes. This is an especially important feature if you plan to host not only internal meetings but also public events in your video conference room.

The virtual board meeting software optimizes audio and video in a virtual desktop environment when using a thin client, as well as:

  • can connect to meetings and control the lobby using hosted virtual desktops (HVDs), simplifying the experience for hosts and attendees;
  • routes all audio and video streams directly between the thin client and the meeting server without passing through the HVD.

The modern virtual board meeting software is an effective way to bring the entire project team to a common denominator before work begins. During the meeting, you’ll outline the purpose of the project, go into more detail, and discuss the next steps. That way, everyone will be with you from start to finish, no matter what the project plan is. It’s time to face it: virtual meetings rarely go smoothly. People get distracted, everyone tries to turn off their camera, and presentations always take longer than they should.

How to Improve the Communications with Investors with the Help of the Board Meeting Software?

The board meeting software in is an opportunity to meet with team members and stakeholders prior to the start of a project to discuss key information and agree on critical milestones. The kick-off meeting should be scheduled after the project charter has been agreed, and the project plan has been created, but before work has actually begun on it.

Public communications with investors are necessary for the company already at the stage of announcing, i.e., from the time when the investor comes to the project. This is the only way to control how the company is positioned in the media and among the main groups of the target audience. In addition, it is important that from the very beginning, the company is a newsmaker and speaker of its own infopods. Otherwise, other interest groups can appropriate the company’s successful projects and initiatives at the public level.

Every aspiring entrepreneur dreams of meeting an investor and getting funds for a successful start of a business. Now startups have many opportunities to find the necessary investments – venture capital companies, business angels, public and private development institutions. In fact, it will not be possible to hide a big problem, but you will undermine trust. It is better to specify the problem, show that you understand it, and know how to solve it. This will be a landmark moment for the investor. The advice has not lost its relevance for many years; it is very important to heed it, especially now.